Life 101. When your plans change without notice!

You have your life planned or you think you have. After school you will go to college, graduate and work. That sounds good, right? that's the way it is or at least they tell you that. Well it was like that for me. I went to college, I became a veterinarian and then I worked for a year in that field.

Everything changed when I met a guy… yes of course it had to be a guy (now my husband). I was happy, I met this amazing, super intelligent, cute guy and my job required me to be surrendered by animals. The dream!!!.

Until less than a year of dating he told me he wanted to leave Chile and move to another country. Well of course, he wanted me to go with him.

Damn it! What should I do? Of course you talk about these things with your friends and family and of course you get different and nice opinions.

Are you crazy?

You shouldn't leave everything for a guy!

What will happen with your career?

You have positive and encouraging opinions too, but the ones who affect you more are the bad ones.

What should I do? What should I do!!!

Well... I followed my heart and my mom's advice. I said YES! I will go with you! I love you and life's too short to second guess and worst case scenario you always can come back home, although that's not my home anymore.

We have been living five years abroad and they have been amazing! It hasn't been easy, but nothing worth having is easy and I would say yes all over again.


What to do in a country with a very different language? Different to not say hiper weirdly complicated.

Where my degree is not valid?

Where I don't have friends and family?


And that... will be the topic for my next post.



P.S. I know it is Groetjes not Groentes in dutch, but I always make that mistake and now I decided to laugh about it.

P.S1. Groetjes means Greetings and Groentes means Vegetables.

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